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Alice springs teen takes lead in finke desert race After she turned 16, she was invited to travel across America to join a youth organization. That's when she took on the challenge of getting the youngest American female racer ever to win the 24.2 mile race in Phoenix, Ariz., and after three races, she would have another chance to challenge the oldest female racer, which she didn't want. "I had some goals for what this sport really meant to me, I wanted to be that first person in the race, that's where I went to the race and ran. I had some plans in mind, but I don't regret it anymore because I knew that I had that experience, I had another race to conquer, and I wanted to be the first person to win. That was a big goal and I'm so glad that I got to meet the first person and that's what I'm going to tell my daughter: I want to be that." She also talked about how her career became connected to the marathon running event, "I had been to marathons when I was younger and this seemed like something a little special to run. So when it came up that this is my first attempt, I was like, let's just do it." She hopes the experience will help her get on the next great race, the Rio Olympics, which are right in the middle of her career now. It'll be on race day that she and her fianc of two years, Daniel K. Lee, have started planning for what comes after that Rio gold in Rio de Janeiro. "When I ran for the 4th place finish with Daniel my fianc has said 'This is the marathon with all the glory,'" said Lachance. "The other two times he gave up the track in order to finish it. We're doing our best to work with the other guys in the team so we can give it our all to be there for the Rio Games and make it happen, especially our oldest daughter who's going to be going. It'd be really special and it's something that we'd be honored to have for her to feel like this is something she'll experience." She also wants to remind runners around the country that there aren't enough other opportunities, "Not as many as there used to be, not as many as there could be with this sport, I think it's very unfair what's been said about the marathon when we have other opportunities available to our athletes. This will be a special thing for her to experience, she'll be a part of something special. Being able to run a marathon for us, be able to take the baby to her first marathon, something that will be very special to our daughter in Rio and really I think it'll be a huge boost to her futur

Oakden nursing home employing staff after failing audit for months CLOSE From left, Julie Bierut, Ashley Kuykendall, Brian Kelly and Michael Chudziak speak to the board of directors. Matt Dillard, The Commercial Appeal The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating a major nursing home in East Lansing that employed more than 100 staff members for months after the organization was unable to verify whether employees were being paid. At least 20 people are employed at the home, where some of the employees had not been paid since March. That's according to documents filed last week in a lawsuit filed by the Eastern Michigan Nurses Association, which claims the home had failed a major audit by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The nursing home was the subject of a separate federal audit in September by the agency, which said it had found serious deficiencies in employee services at the home and had begun a process to "immediately terminate its operations." Since July, the agency has been investigating the home and says it will continue pursuing a review of the nursing home's operations following the July audit. The nursing home is part of Lansing-based Mercy Health Center, an expanded nursing home in East Lansing that is being built with funding provided by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. The home is scheduled to open by the end of July.

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